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Snapshots: Coffeehouse 2019!

Photography by Izza Raza.

Featuring a small and cozy audience with yummiest of sweet treats, Coffeehouse this year was a memorable and initmate event with beautiful music, food and fun. All proceeds from the sale of baked goods went towards a Kenyan child sponsored by BR. Truly a wholesome evening all around.

Glittery decorations around the cafeteria.

Volunteers greet the night's attendees.

The emcees for the evening, Almeera and Guilia.

Kaiya performs an original song.

Akshay and Maria sing and play the guitar.

Performer Roxy sings a song.

Ashvini performs a song.

Zoe performs a song from a musical.

Tash sings and performs a song on the ukulele.

Molly performs a song on the piano.

Nuha plays the piano.

Justin sings and plays the guitar.

SOLL members working behind the scenes to make hot chocolate!

A shot of the delicious coffeehouse treats.

Volunteers apply henna during the intermission!

SOLL members are all smiles amidst the intermission.

Fun backstage at Coffeehouse!

A big thank you to school administration, SOLL, Tech Crew, and the wonderful volunteers who helped make this evening a success!

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