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Snapshots from Snowflake: 2018 Winter Formal

From the moment students began lining up at the main entrance in anticipation of being frisked, to the last minutes of dancing, singing, and chatter before the strike of 10:00pm...all of it, the whole evening, in fact, was abundant with an excited energy. Not even the heat of sweaty teens, a shortage of cups, or even technical difficulties with the music could waver students' enthusiasm. This was especially highlighted, when, at one point, a circle of students began to belt out the karaoke classic of "Price Tag" by Jessie J after the music had suddenly quieted...the moment was truly a testament to the carefree attitude to the night. As a whole, the entire event consisted of the sort of spirit that could be only be emulated "after-hours" when dance-goers are no longer students but teens just trying to have fun beyond the social pressures and stresses of school work. The efforts of student and staff volunteers alike as well as the strenuous planning, organization, troubleshooting and "crowd-hyping" on Student Council's part is not gone without notice. They're what essentially fostered the stress-free fluidity of the night. Ultimately, it was the excitement and personalities of the people that truly shaped the 2018 Winter Formal into a night to remember.

View from the main entrance: a look at the festive piazza decorations for the evening.

A winter woodland touch to the staircase backdrop.

Student Council members greeted and checked-in students at the door.

An shot of Student Council's Secretary, Hana Rehman and Grade 9 Rep, Ragavan Ravendran

Student Council Art Rep, Izza Raza.

Student Council Co-President Ashley Pablo pictured with Grade 10 Rep Faiq Farooq
Student Council Co-President, Ashley Pablo pictured with Grade 10 Rep, Faiq Farooq

Volunteers Thu Mai, Remsha Hussain, and Nathaniel Fraser help out with the coat check.

Is it really Semi without pictures on steps of the piazza?

A quick glance at the voting booth for the Snowflake Awards.

The crowns for Snowflake King and Queen.

Inside the cafeteria: PR Rep Sarah Gonsalves and Grade 10 Rep Talla Enaya DJ'd throughout the night.

Detaling on the cafeteria stage.

A shot of the delicious desert tower.

The menu included many wraps!

A shot of the DJ Booth.

The 2018 Snowflake King and Queen: Kyle Antonucci and Julia DeBattista!

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