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So, Who is Our 2019/2020 Council?

By Richa Bhandari and Zoya Syed

Through interviews, planning and elections, your 2019-2020 Student Council has arrived and this year, better than ever. In order to get to know them better, we’ve asked them three simple questions:

What are some of your responsibilities and your role in Student Council?

What do you enjoy most about Student Council?

What's a fun fact about you?

Davin Caratao - Co-President

1. I am Davin Caratao, BRs greatest president since Rayan Hussain desegregated baseball. As the executive of the student council, I set the council’s agenda and plans for the year. I, along with my Co-President, Sean, lead the other council members to help achieve our greater goals. Student Council Presidents also do your morning announcements and occasionally meet with admin.

2. Council is a great club with nice people on it. It’s a great way to help people out, I suppose.

3. I won the Olympic bronze medal for water polo in 1984! (Also, I've scratched Ashvini's laptop...twice!)

Sean D’Mello - Co-President

1. I am the Co-President of Student Council. I assign roles and delegate tasks to ensure the successful execution of our events.

2. My favourite part of Council is the camaraderie shared between its members and our ability to work together to serve our student body.

3. I write for The Royal Register.

Sarah Gonsalves - Grade 11 Representative

1. My role is to voice the questions and concerns of Grade 11s on Student Council. I bring all their ideas so we can address them and discuss how we can improve. I’m also in charge of getting important information out to my grade, so that can be about dances or other events that take place!

2. My favourite part of Council would probably be how close we all are. I’ve known most of the people who are on it for more than a year so they are basically family. We all are comfortable with one another and it’s amazing being apart of something that’s more than just planning events for the student body!

3. A fun fact about me is that I’ve been to 3 elementary schools!

Talla Enaya - Grade 11 Representative

1. As a member of Student Council, my role is being the Grade 11 representative. This means it is my responsibility to be the voice of my Grade 11 peers. I bring up any concerns, ideas and thoughts from the student body forward to the council in order to solve any issues. I provide new ideas for events, and solutions around the school based on what I think is best for my peers while considering their input. I ensure that every action made by Student Council is helpful and guarantees the best for the student body.

2. My favourite part of being on Student Council is the ability to pursue new ideas for events and resolutions around the school. This is because I know it will make everyone’s high school experience more enjoyable and memorable. I enjoy that it gives me the opportunity to be a leader and be innovative around the school, while also being able to help others.

3. I’m a part of a family of 8, I have 2 older brothers 2 younger brothers and an older sister :)

Ragavan Ravendran - Grade 10 Representative

1. As a Grade 10 rep, my job is to elevate my Grade’s voice. I contribute to Student Council by voicing new ideas and taking initiative. Along with representing my Grade, I also help set up events and dances and spread awareness throughout the school

2. I love how Student Council is more of a friend group rather than a club. We are all pretty close friends and always hang outside of school and student council meetings.

3. I can juggle 3 apples with my eyes closed!

Baily Smith - Grade 10 Representative

1. My responsibility on the council is mainly to represent my grade in each of the weekly meetings, in which the council plans initiatives, dances, and activities for the student body.

2. My favourite thing about being on Student Council is being able to help plan events and dances, for everyone to enjoy.

3. An interesting fact about me is that I do competitive show choir with the Milton Show Choir.

Ava Wynhofen - Grade 9 Representative

1. On Student Council my role as Grade Nine Rep is to speak on behalf of my grade. I share not only my own ideas but the thoughts and opinions of my fellow Grade Nines while giving insight into ideas all of student council is collaborating on for the school such as spirit days or other big events.

2. I love being able to work in a team environment where everyone is able to share their opinions and have a say in what goes on in the school. I love being a person that people can come to for support, or to share ideas they have. Overall, I like being involved in making our school a fun and welcoming place.

3. I got my Bronze Cross in swimming before my twelfth birthday. I love public speaking and volunteering at the pool teaching little kids how to swim and I make good oatmeal chocolate chip cookies!

Jordan Atkins - Grade 9 Representative

1. My responsibilities are to represent Grade Nines at BR. For example, to know their interests and needs, and the goal is to try to maximize their participation in our school community.

2. My favourite part of Student Council is being apart of the community of Student Council and Bishop Reding, and being able to help contribute to the wonderful events and spirit days at Bishop Reding.

3. I have been dancing for 10 years and play 4 instruments

Cristina Gutierrez - Junior PR Representative

Be sure to ask Cristina about her role as the Junior PR Representative in the halls!

Faiq Farooq - Senior Public Relations Rep

1. My name is Faiq Farooq, I’m the Senior Public Relations Representative for Student Council. I run the social media accounts, make posters and videos, and help to overall spread awareness on the events to students.

2. My favourite part of the council is interacting with all the council members and working in cohesion with them every time we have an event.

3. I’ve eaten at all the shawarma places in Milton.

Meghan Duivesteyn - Treasurer

1. I handle the financials and budgets behind every event, including creating reports on our profits or losses.

2. My favourite part of Council is seeing everyone’s smiling faces when an event is successful!!

3. I have wanted to be a lawyer since I was 8 yrs old.

Akshay Khale - Tech Representative

1. My role on Student Council is being the Tech Rep. This means I do most of the lights and sound for our events and make sure all technical aspects of our events run as smooth as possible! I help Council in planning these events with my knowledge of the audio/visual resources our school has to offer.

2. My favourite part of council is definitely the people and our very strong relationships with each other. Even after my first year, I have been able to make many new friends and get to know some amazing and hard-working people. The sense of community we have as a council is on a whole other level compared to some of the other organizations I have been a part of.

3. A fun fact about me is that I have been attacked by a peacock not once, but two times. 2/10 experience, would not recommend it. :(

Hana Rehman - Secretary:

1. As Student Council secretary, I'm in charge of making sure everything is organized from our schedules, events, lists to practically all of the ideas we have for each school year! It's important for me to be able to communicate all of our meeting details with staff and fellow council members

2. My favourite part about being on Student Council is the amount of interaction you get with so many students! By simply being on this team, I get so many questions each week from many students that I otherwise wouldn't have the opportunity to talk to. Getting to know the student body better and how the behind the scenes of each event works is my favourite part.

3. A fun fact about me is that I have lived in LA, Vancouver and of course, Milton.

Izza Raza - Arts Representative

1. My role as Arts Rep is to contribute to the visual appeal of the events and activities that we plan, as well as bring a voice to the art community at Bishop Reding.

2. My favourite part of being on Student Council is definitely the opportunities I have to meet new people, as well as be involved in planning and running events.

3. Watching Bob Ross inspired me to pursue art as a kid :)


Responses have been edited for length and clarity.

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