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Sustainability Done The Easy Way

Sonia Parbhoo, Grade 9

What are some of the benefits of reading an article on how to be more sustainable? There’s so many! Sometimes this topic can become repetitive and uninteresting, but there’s so much to learn. We recognise that school and other elements of life can be demanding, and it's easy to simply forget to put trash in the appropriate bin. Since we were in elementary school, our teachers have been educating us on how to be more environmentally conscious. They motivate us to be our best selves and accomplish our best work. In this article, I'll tell you three incredibly simple strategies to be more sustainable in your daily life, without putting in any extra effort.

1. Take a reusable cup with you when you go to Starbucks, Tim Hortons, or other coffee shops. This can help conserve plastic and cardboard, while also reducing litter. Starbucks also offers a discount to individuals who bring in a reusable cup. You may even be able to buy a drink with all the money you save in the long run! Not to mention the fact that you will seem quite fashionable with a reusable cup instead of the regular ones.

2. For the second idea, I'm sure many of us are already doing it. Thrifting! Thrift stores have a huge selection of wonderful apparel and accessories. You save money by refraining from purchasing new apparel that you likely don't need. Something as simple as a plain cotton shirt has a negative environmental impact; Each creation of a cotton shirt consumes 120 litres of water! Furthermore, when the shirts are dyed, more carbon dioxide is released into the atmosphere. This is detrimental to the environment because the gases destroy our air. You can also donate your old clothes to thrift stores rather than throwing them away, to prevent contributing to the landfills.

3. Last but not least, there is a simple concept that is often overlooked. Consider this scenario: ‘You wake up, unplug your phone, and check Instagram. Then you find the energy (or are pushed) to get out of bed for school. You'll eventually get up, but your phone charger will still be connected to the wall, waiting for you to plug it in at night.’ Many of us do this with a variety of electronic devices and electrical appliances, but it wastes electricity. This is disastrous for the environment. Unplugging that charger from the wall is a simple step in your everyday life that will not only make you environmentally conscious but also give you the benefit of making the world a better place.

I hope this article gave you some simple suggestions on how to be more sustainable in your daily life. There are numerous methods to express your awareness of helping the environment, as well as how you wish to assist our world in thriving and becoming the best it can possibly be. A little goes a long way.

Image retrieved from Starbucks

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