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The Elegant Meaning behind Islamic Calligraphy

Written By: Samiya Khan

October 1st marks the beginning of Islamic History Month in Canada, a time of the year dedicated to the beautiful Islamic religion and the growing Muslim community. Islamic traditions and rituals can be quite different compared to other religions, which makes it unique in an alluring way.

According to scholars, Islam was founded during the 7th century. Islamic teachings are typically taught in the Arabic language, the Quran itself is all written in Arabic, every dua, every prayer, every hadith, all in Arabic. Which makes it essential for anyone who’s converting or is Muslim to be able to read the original text written on the pages of the Quran, since every page in the Quran is handcrafted in beautiful Arabic language, it is not necessary for one to understand or fully learn the language, although there are times where understanding small parts for certain reasonings can be needed for better understanding of what is being taught among the lessons.

The Islamic faith never had faith-based art in its roots, although one stroke on paper began Islamic Calligraphy allowing harmony and balance within words of wisdom. As every word in the Quran appeals meaningfully and veridically, each written word allows an individual to comprehend the text in their own personal way. Reflecting it and acknowledging it in ways to benefit themselves, making them a better Muslim. Although the Islamic Religion is very open towards teaching others despite religious preferences, it is important that everyone respects and accepts the sayings without attempting any misinterpretation. Islam is taught in its originality, the calligraphy art began centuries after the religion was potentially formed, valuing, meaning and brought more respectful attention towards the faith.

This year, it has come to the attention that our own Bishop Reding Students are quite involved in the different aspects involving Islam. As Bishop Reding’s students are quite diverse and artistic, many students have come out with their own amazing Islamic Calligraphies. In their own words, they say “Islam is the religion I follow, it was my past, now my present and my future, by signifying meaning through art, by learning new lesson every day and taking some time to reflect towards my faith, it allows me to value my beliefs and show my creator that I can be a better person every day” (Bishop Reding students Grade 9-10). It is the little parts of culture and tradition that helps us build a better understanding and connection with the Creator. The art itself can have many other symbols and sayings to make it special and religiously appealing respectfully.

Many international students and Halton students have reached out with their interpenetrated art through Islamic Calligraphy to show how they represent their religion in their way. Many have sent over drawings, canvases and many other mediums for their creation. As the Muslim community is honoured to have a month dedicated towards the beautiful religion it is amazing to see how the students are finding so many new ways to show the importance and guidance even during uncertain times. As always staying strong and hopeful.

Pieces By: Asadullah Chaudhry, Bilal Ali Khan, Haniya Kahshif, Haniya Rehan, Manahil Khan, Maira Khan


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