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The Ghosts of Toronto

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Inaaya Ahmed, Grade 10

It is Halloween! Now is the time to make those last-minute changes to your costume, and remember to keep your dentist on speed dial. I’m sure they’ll be expecting a ton of calls soon.

Besides, what’s a better time to talk about ghosts and ghouls than on Halloween?!

You don’t have to look far to find the haunted places where spirits lurk, and phantoms are frequently spotted.

Can you believe that these places are right next to Milton? If you are ready to potentially see the spirits yourself, read on and see if you have the guts to visit these places. Right here in the GTA, and with their creepy backstories, I have selected five places to go ghost hunting!

The Gibraltar Point Lighthouse

One of Toronto’s oldest buildings, and the oldest existing lighthouse on the Great Lakes.

This lighthouse was built in 1808, and nobody was happier for its grand opening than the lighthouse’s first keeper, J.P. Radan Muller. However, Muller died in 1815, just 7 years later. To this day, his unexpected death remains a mystery, but the lighthouse remains a hotspot for tourists all around the globe. Muller’s ghost is often seen wandering the grounds and is seen running to light up the beacon on dark nights. It is said his soul cannot leave the lighthouse.

Once a keeper, always a keeper.

The Keg Mansion

The Mansion-turned-Steakhouse is infamous for the eerie occurrences that take place, even to this day.

The Keg Mansion was home to the Massey family in 1873, but one by one, the family started dropping like flies. The daughter, Lillian Massey, fell ill in this house and passed. Her brother fell down the long flight of stairs after her death, and he died not long after. As well, many of the maids died due to suicide or unknown causes. Present day, there are so many sightings of ghosts and supernatural occurrences, the staff at the restaurant have a logbook for them all. From children sitting on the staircase “talking” to a little boy, to the white veiled woman in the washroom, there is never a boring day in the Keg Mansion.

The Old Finch Avenue Bridge

This was built in 1954, over the Rouge River in Scarborough. Yet, it’s known for something much worse.

The Old Finch Avenue Bridge is infamously known for the tale of a young girl who was killed on this bridge, the day of her birthday. Legend has it to sing happy birthday to her, and her ghost will appear to sing along. Those who have mustered the courage to journey into the bridge late at night, have also heard loud footsteps following them, and sounds of screaming. Others have reported vehicle issues, having their cars break down right before crossing the bridge. The paranormal experiences on this bridge can’t be denied!

Humber College (Lakeshore Campus)

The college was founded in 1967, and the Lakeshore Campus looks like any ordinary campus. However, this location is special.

Before the establishment as a college, the Lakeshore Campus was home to insane asylums and psychiatric hospitals. They would use a special system to get patients around, by using underground tunnels to connect one wing to the other. Although these tunnels are now patched up, there have been various ghost sightings and spooky instances. It is allegedly stated the ghost of a nurse roams the halls at night, whispering in the halls. Other stories include sudden chills in classrooms that have no windows, and strong smells where the morgue used to be.

Don’t forget to take your cameras, and be prepared to capture those orbs and lurking shadows!

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