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Caratao: The HCDSB Lives to Consider EFI Another Day


Hello again BR, Davin Caratao here. If you didn't know, I moonlight as the Student Trustee on our HCDSB. This is the third time I've recorded the various transpirings of the Halton Catholic Board. The Regular Board Meetings are the main meetings of our school board, where presentations are heard and Board policies are passed.

The board met again this week, mainly to consider the expansion of the French Immersion program once again. A special presentation from a concerned parent, a delegation from one Ms. Sestito, a teacher with the board, noted the virtues of expanding the program, including fairness for siblings of FI students, minimal inconvenience for English-track students, the ready availability of French teachers, and the academic benefit for FI students. Another delegation, Ms. Bkila, also decried the lack of accommodation and respect for FI students and those who would want to become one, and noted how there would not be more portables added than the schools could legally handle. They both noted the need to keep Catholic students in the HCDSB, ensure equitable treatment of students of each stream and that no English nor FI students would be displaced if the program was expanded. The much-debated delegations were received as information, two motions which I voted in favour of.

The board will decide on the matter of expanding the French Immersion next meeting, February 18.

I was called to deliver the student trustees’ report to the board, which can be found here https://www.hcdsb.org/Board/Meeting%20Documents/BOARD_2020_02_04_REPORT.pdf. It includes a number of initiatives including the mental health plan for the upcoming years, my motion for student trustee elections, and the upcoming Catholic Student Trustees’ charitable missions in Ottawa.

HCDSB Treasurer Lofts presented the Board with the Budget Estimates for this year, and public consultation regarding the budget will take place in a few weeks.

Stay tuned for more updates, and if you guys ever have any questions or ideas on what you’d like to see changed or implemented in our school and board, you can email me at CarataoD@hcdsb.org, or dm @isitdavincaratao

Davin Caratao has been a contributor to the Royal Register since its formation, and serves as the student trustee of the Halton Catholic District School Board for the 2019-2020 School Year.

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