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The Influence of Media on Children

Joy Ghaly, Grade 11

Have you ever wondered how different your life would be if you grew up watching different shows? Searching different information up? Or even, looking at different posts on your social media? Well, that’s the intricacy of the media! The media's influences millions of kids' lives and the aftermath of a child's development is thereby affected. Whether that be emotionally, mentally or physically.

Based on multiple studies, it was proven that Canadian children spend more time watching television than learning in a classroom by the time they are in highschool. The influence of television is based on the duration of time spent watching TV. Excessive television watching leads to hyperreality. Additional factors like vital activities such as reading, exercise, storytelling and spending time with family and peers are also affected.

Now, it’s not just television that can affect a child’s development but also internet use. Over 53% of children carry devices today. Considering the percentage in 2000, it has increased 1700% since. There are many positive components with internet use such as educational information and communication with others online. Of course, we must factor the risks entailed. Excessive use of the internet may lead to undeveloped social skills, addiction and physical illnesses. Illnesses can include seizure disorders caused by flickering screen lights. Not to mention, the eye issues that screens cause. Being exposed to too much blue light leads to weakness in the eyes, resulting in more eye problems at younger ages. Other than these effects on the child, there may be great risks of encountering dangerous strangers online. All these are elements to consider when children have the liberty of internet use.

Last but not least, social media at a young age has a massive impact on the growth of children mentally and physically. The effects of the media have lasting consequences for children to live with for the rest of their lives. Body image and self-esteem are big components considering all the people, we as children, see on a day to day basis. Comparison is the most likely the first thing that would come to mind if a child saw something they want but do not have. This leads to lack of confidence and insecurity. Another everlasting effect is violence and aggressive behaviour depending on what children are exposed to on social media. All this will live with them for the rest of their lives.

Therefore, the media has a major effect on the way children are developing, especially today. Kids are most vulnerable growing up and being exposed to inappropriate things too soon will have an everlasting effect. Different shows, information, or posts may seem very normal, but, our brain and body are subconsciously being affected. It is important to be aware and cautious of what we see and realize that there are serious consequences for our actions with the media.

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