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The Season of Advent

by Mr. Campanelli

Advent has a two-fold nature: it prepares us for Christmas, when we recall Christ’s first coming among us, and it is also a time when we look forward to his second coming at the end of the ages. It is a season of joyful expectation.

During Advent, each Sunday’s Gospel reading has a specific focus. The Old Testament readings, especially those taken from Isaiah, are prophecies about the Messiah and messianic times. The selections from the writings of the Apostles present exhortations and instructions on different themes of the season.


The Advent Wreath

The Advent wreath is rich in Christian symbolism. It is made of evergreen boughs formed in a circle. The Advent wreath holds four candles: three purple and one pink; some wreaths also have a white candle in the centre.

The Advent wreath has its roots in traditions practiced by the early Germanic peoples. As winter’s short and dark days began growing brighter, they would celebrate the coming light by making wreaths of green and lighting fires. When these people became Christian, they began using wreaths in their churches, to celebrate the coming birth of Jesus, Light of the World.

The wreath is formed in a circle, which has no beginning or end. This reminds us of God, who is eternal – without beginning or end. The shape of the Advent wreath also represents the gift of eternal life won for us by Jesus’ dying and rising to new life.


Some Things You Can Do During Advent

  • Volunteer at a hospital

  • or soup kitchen

  • Spend some extra time in prayer

  • Be patient with your family

  • Count down the days with an Advent calendar

  • Speak kindly to strangers

  • Go to church

  • Share hope with those who need it most

While you wait for that special guest: JESUS.

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