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Three “Booktok”/”Bookstagram” Accounts you Need to Follow

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

Sarah Javed, Grade 10

If you’re also a book lover, chances are you’ve seen some TikToks and Instagram posts with book recommendations and added them to your already endless TBR (to be read) list. But if you haven’t, or are looking for some new recommendations, here are some creative and interesting bookstagram/booktok accounts to follow.

1. @bettysbooklist


If you have the TikTok app, you’ve likely seen many “POV” (point of view) videos where creators pretend to be a certain type of person. In her videos, Betty adds a fun twist by creating the POVs based on the thoughts of characters in books, without giving any spoilers. At the end of her TikTok’s, she reveals which book she is referring to and often has a brief caption with her own opinions. As a bonus, many of her followers comment their thoughts on the reads, allowing you to see multiple perspectives before you decide on whether you want to read the book. Although most of her TikTok’s are about romance and suspense books, she also has links to her TBR list in case you want more recommendations!

2. @uppercaseya


This Instagram account is for YA (young adult) books lovers of all ages. The account has recommendations based on a variety of factors including season, genre, other books, singles vs. series, and more! Additionally, it features a newsletter with exclusive YA suggestions and posts with author spotlights. The account even has organized guides for most of their posts if you’re looking for a specific type of book.

3. @canterburyclassics

(Canterbury Classics)

Whether you’re a classics enthusiast or are just looking to get into reading them, the canterbury classics account is worth looking at. Not only does their social media feature beautiful book and reading space photography, but they also sell classic books with stunning cover designs. If you need classics recommendations, be sure to check out their blog!

From new young adult literature to the prettiest classic books, you will always have a book to read after looking at those accounts! The question is, which book comes first?

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