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Visual Arts Reflection: Grade 11 Line Design

By: Hafsa Affan

Here at Bishop Reding, the importance of art is highly acknowledged by both staff and students. Students express their personalities and apply their unique perspectives through a variety of arts. One of the most common and popular ways art is expressed here at Bishop Reding is through visual arts. However, what is visual art? Visual art are creations that we can see instead of auditory arts, which we can hear. This art form is extremely diverse and can be expressed through painting, drawing, sculpture, photography, etc. Recently, grade 11 students applied their artistic skills by creating artwork using different types of lines.

Beginning with the first artwork, the top of the page is detailed with thin, curled and spiralled lines, branching out towards the edges of the paper. Coming down towards the bottom of the page, straight lines are frequently used, ranging from thick and thin lines. With a little use of curly and circular lines. Although, compared to the top of the page, the majority of the lines are found to be more dispersed and secluded from one another. However, the black and white colours in the background make each unique pattern pop. With various patterns in the background, the centre of the artwork is a female's face, but in colour which makes it the viewer's first attraction.

Moving on to the second artwork, similar like the previous artwork. This colourful Yin Yang design's background is mainly made up of thick straight and wavy lines, with a few circle patterns scattered around the background. The rainbow coloured Yin and Yang grabs the viewer's attention, not only letting them focus on the illusion like patterned lines but the pop of colour in the centre as well. The Yin being blended with the cool colours of the rainbow, while the Yang is coloured, giving it an ombre effect using warm tones.

Unlike the last two pieces, this vibrant work of art speaks in cool colours ranging from dark purples to light blues. The flower created uses a variety of lines such as round-circular like lines to make up the shape of the flower, slightly bent lines that connect at the top to create several petals, and wavy and curved lines for intricate details within the flower to bring it to life. As for the background, the majority of the patterns are used with wavy and straight lines used in different angles and directions, making each pattern unique from each other. This gives a sense of motion and illusion itself based on the way the lines have been created.

Lastly, for this piece each strand of design coming out of the bottle like figure holds a unique set of lines that portray various designs each in contrast with one another. For example, bent and curvy lines are used to create organic shapes that exhibit life like structures such as clouds and leaves in the artwork. Various lines such as curly and straight lines are used to make up the life like structures.

Amazing job students, we can not wait to see more artwork by all of you!

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