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Visual Arts Reflection: Grade 11 Optical Illusions

By Haniya Kashif

The Grade 11 Visual Art class had an assignment to create unique and different optical illusions. What is an optical illusion you may ask? Optical illusions are pieces of artwork that deceive the eye by appearing to be something other than what they are. An experience of seeing something which does not exist. Other type of optical illusions may seem like they are moving, even though the picture or artwork is still and no movement is actually occurring. It can also look like there are two different pictures in one.

Each artwork presented to you by the Grade 11 students is different, but all of them are one of a kind. Some of these pieces consist of the elements of art, which creates a sense of movement using different lines, shapes, and colours. Other students used different techniques trying to create special illusions, an example can be creating two pictures in one artwork. Each student has done an excellent job with their art, playing with our minds with these astounding pieces.

Keep blowing our minds students, with your talents and creativity. We can not wait to see more artwork by all of you!

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