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Visual Arts Reflection: Grade 9 Illuminating Art Article

By: Haniya Kashif

These beautiful and unique pieces of Letter Line Art were done by semester one Grade 9 Art classes! The students each had to create an artwork using a variety of different lines and express their creativity in their own way with different colours and a letter of their choice (usually the first letter in their first name) in the middle. Each artwork is different and special in its own way and holds a special place in it’s creator’s heart. Even if some of the letters are the same in these incredible pieces, they are all portrayed in different and creative ways in cool font styles, sizes, and colour. The letters also hold special value. They are all created using the elements of art. The two main elements used are line and colour and there is a variety of both in each artwork. All the colour combinations work well together and make it very aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

We look forward to seeing much more art from all grades just like these ones!

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