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Which New Candy Should You Try?

By Angelina Cochrane

Are you bored of the same old candies you get for Halloween? Nervous to try new ones? I've got you covered! Twenty people from an assortment of different ages were surveyed to find out which candy they would want to buy. I hope you enjoy this article and find a candy you would like to enjoy this Halloween!

Crush Sour Patch Kids

If you like super sour candy, Crush Sour Patch Kids are the perfect candy for you! They combine true crush taste, with the sour goodness you look for in Sour Patch Kids candy!

Survey Says that 70% of people would buy this candy.

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Jolly Ranchers Misfits Gummies

If you enjoy the taste of Jolly Ranchers, but don't like hard candies, Jolly Ranchers Misfits Gummies are the go to candy for you! They are the perfect mix of Jolly Rancher flavour and gummy texture!

Survey says that 65% of people would buy this candy.

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Twizzlers Gummies

Unlike original Twizzlers, Twizzlers gummies are chewy and fruity! They are sure to bring a smile to your face if you enjoy gummies and super flavours!

Survey says 55% of people would buy this candy.

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Tropical Jolly Ranchers

Jolly Ranchers have gone on vacation and brought us back tropical flavours! With true tropical and everlasting flavours, Tropical Jolly Ranchers are sure to please anyone who enjoys hard candies!

Survey says 75% of people would buy this candy.

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I hope you get your hands on one of the candies listed above and give it a try this Halloween! Try the short Halloween candy quiz in the link below to see what candy you should buy this Halloween!


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