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Who Killed Kanye? BR's 4th Annual Murder Mystery Night!

Some of our LIB organizers with the Darling Home representative, Ms. Nicole Walker

On the evening of March 22, BR’s cafeteria was transformed into the scene of the 2020 US federal election. This highly anticipated event promised plenty of drama and surprises, and the politicians did not disappoint!

The candidates this year included Hillary Clinton, Bernie Sanders, and the controversial Donald Trump. Many celebrities also attended the event, including the Kardashians, Travis Scott and Drake. With so many big personalities in the room tensions were sure to boil over. Sure enough, tragedy struck on stage. In the middle of Clinton’s speech, none other than Kanye West appeared to interrupt the proceedings.

“Yo! Hillary, I’m gonna let you finish, but I have the best speech of all time,” he interjected. Yeezy then announced that he too was running for the presidency. Among the most shocked at this news was Donald Trump, who immediately engaged in a shouting match with the star rapper. In the middle of this heated debate, the power went out in the building. Kanye West was found on stage, apparently dead, and Mr. Trump was spotted fleeing the scene.

Two suspects in the investigation: Travis Scott (left) and Vladimir Putin (right).

Luckily, our BR students were on the case. These teams of detectives completed various mental and physical challenges in order to investigate the celebrities and solve the mystery. Not only were they identifying the killer, but they also had to run from the corrupt police officers trying to arrest them!

All of the participants showed off their sleuthing skills, but our victorious team arrested Vice President Mike Pence for the murder of Kanye West. Congratulations to Precilla Carvalho, Sarah Delanty, Nuha Farha, Alicia Storti and Andrea Vera for solving the mystery!

The winning team!

A lot of effort went into making this event a success. The LIBs would like to extend a special thank you to all of our volunteer actors, who played their roles with enthusiasm and made the evening special for everyone who attended. To the LIB advisors, whose guidance was essential at every stage of the process. To our sponsors: Cineplex, Sportchek, Utopia Spa, Starbucks, Booster Juice, Turtle Jacks, Mastermind Toys and The Flower Mill for their generous donations. And finally, to all who participated, thank you for being a part of our biggest event of the year!

Thank you to all of our amazing volunteers

For the fourth year in a row, the proceeds from this event were donated to the Darling Home for Kids. Located here in Milton, the Darling home provides hospice and respite care for medically complex children. Five permanent residents are currently supported by the home, with many more attending for day programming. The LIBs would like to thank Ms. Nicole Walker for representing the Darling Home at our event, as well as all of the participants for contributing to this wonderful cause.

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