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Why Computer Programming is an Essential Skill

Zayan Mirza

Contemplate what it means to be a skill. To be something that is developed, with the continuance of one's life, yet be convenient enough to be globally accessible. Computer programming is a set of instructions synthesized to solve varying problems. Essentially, programmers use languages of sorts to define actions that a computer translates and acts upon. I believe computer programming/coding is a skill that can be sharpened easily, therefore characterizing it as a skill. Its convenience and accessibility are illustrated by the broad age span of people who practice it, ease of finding institutions (online and in-person) that teach it, and its real-world applications. Furthermore, its job prospects; self-employment/company work and opportunities like starting a tech business from the luxury of your desk at home, all make it a valuable skill.

The process of inputted code into computer lingo is simple. Code in various languages is sent through a compiler: a program that encrypts regular code to machine code or 0s and 1s that regulate logic gates on a hardware level. So what's the purpose of it all? - Only IT specialists can code at a sufficient level. Why code at all? - Wrong!

Computer programming is a necessity in all positions. With the perpetual uprise of robots or automation taking over physical tasks in factories and workplaces alike, the need for sufficient coders is considerably high. The human fascination with alleviating work through the means of repetitive programming in machines and cogs for higher intensity labour, in all aspects leads to the loss of humans in such jobs.

An astonishing 400-800 million jobs are expected to be lost due to the pursuit of robotic labour (Hargrave, “400-800 million jobs”). To compromise for the influx in robotic operatives, people can and will learn to code, due to which, the current number of coders (23 million) is projected to rise to 28 million people in five years (Hargrave, “ 23 million coders in the world and that number will reach almost 28 million within five years time”). Companies are looking for quality coders, one in two businesses in the UK lack professional-grade coders (Hargrave, “ one in two UK-based digital business”)

With the search for qualified programmers being inconclusive, businesses have established an online institution to develop young programmers. Co-founded by the UK government’s private sectors, the resource is used in 25 universities to train aspiring programmers (Hargrave, “operates in partnership with 25 universities.”). The United Kingdom is one of nine countries that has recognized the significance of young programmers and aims to mobilize a mandatory programming course in primary and secondary school.

With the severity of job loss and need for expert coders, shown through the United Kingdoms' trepid actions, I hope you as a reader can understand the importance of computer programming in our world.

How fruitful is a potential career in computer programming? With the robotic takeover and software always needing more programmers, there are a plethora of jobs related to computer programming. From teaching yourself online to getting a four-year bachelor's degree in computer science and programming, coding is the most versatile career in terms of job availability and hiring from education level. Salaries range from 39k to upwards of 100k, with the median salary standing at 56 to 60k. Higher-level positions don't take much time to earn, and with them comes a more profitable salary as well.

Accessibility to teaching sources is easy to find. Simply search up the language you are interested in studying, and it will open thousands of free websites at your disposal, teaching the language from zero experience to office-grade programming.

To conclude, computer programming is a skill that everyone should know. Its career and life benefits and ease of becoming proficient at it make it a good pastime and career.

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