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Winter Poem

Sara Nawaz, Grade 10

Winter is a special time,

for only one breath is given to the pilgrim,

thou enjoy it like it's the last.

The snow's worth is something people cherish, for some loath.

May not compare it to summer, spring and fall, as it’s intended to not compare these both.

The pleasant breeze, the beautiful flakes; entertain you enough, like the diverting light that wakes you up.

Somewhere cold, somewhere hot, for the perfect balance is set upon winter.

Experience the delight of the holidays, with your

brothers and sisters!

Through the mountains of delectation,

thou rest from education.

‘Tis the season, that unites, love and light,

not to forget, thee, enjoy the beauty of family.

Thee erase sins, ‘tis of a new year.

Uplift the exciting passion, for holidays, against talking of despair.

Awaken a pencil on paper, to abide, thou hast inspiration from winter.

For once, involve theeself, from the food of the culture.

The life in winter overshadows the flowers at dawn.

For only thy light, can experience winter at its best.

To fathom each season has its qualities, counts as thy blessing,

for every season is fortunate to thee until it's gone.

Winter break is a time to change; for one to start expressing.

A step for thee, to nobility.

With every step, comes the sound of tearing papers,

from which the snow covers many acres.

A glance at the sky;

As you feel cold shivers

snow will hover by!

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