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Woodworking Club: Where skill and sarcasm collide

Recently, The Royal Register took a visit to Mr. Mule's Woodworking Club to ask them a few questions about what happens after school on Mondays in 116! If you are interested in developing your skills, having a good laugh, and working on projects that will benefit yourself and your community, stop by on Mondays for more information!

What first got you interested in woodworking?

Camila- "I took it as a course in grade 9...I was in woodworking, auto and then photoshop, but I really liked woodworking the most. When I found out there was a club that I could get hours with, I joined. "

Allie- "My friend told me that there was a Woodworking Club and I never really had the time to learn this kind of stuff; I thought it would be really interesting because a.) I could learn how to use these kinds of tools and work with wood, and b.) I could also get my hours in as well. My family isn’t too handy, so I could learn some stuff!"

Mr. Mule- "To be honest, everything with me started with design. I would design anything and everything. Wherever there is a need, you create a design to solve that problem. And the woodworking juts ties in because if you know how to design it, you should also learn how things come together. That way, it makes you a better designer. I like making things with my hands!"

What do you really want people to know about this Woodworking Club?

Camila: "You can get volunteer hours, you will meet really nice people and like Allie said, you can gain pretty good skills that you will use later on in life. The smell of burning wood is also really nice."

Allie: "It’s a really comfortable space. I feel really comfortable when I come in here. I’m a fairly shy person, but I feel comfortable here."

What is your favourite music to listen to as you work?

No music! Silly question! Listening to music as you work with large equipment and heavy machinery is dangerous and causes safety issues.

Camila- "You might not be able to hear your instructor [or colleague] and it may create an accident."

Fun fact about the club

Mr Mule- "I want people to know that this is probably the most relaxed atmosphere to try and learn about woodworking without committing to a full credit. If you don't feel comfortable, this would be a good space to try out some skills."

Camila- "The instructor is really sarcastic... Really dry sense of humour."

Allie- "He makes you take a safety quiz."

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