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Your Guide to Fall Sports at BR!

Photo from Bishop Reding's Student Athletic Association: @redingroyals, https://bit.ly/35xzntf

By: Mehar Dewan

Last year was an incredible year in sports for Bishop Reding and we’re excited about the successes our new faces at BR will bring this year. Fall is arguably the best season to play because in addition to the regular sporting events, we’ve got special events like Friday Night Lights thanks to SAA!! That’s why we’ve put together your ultimate guide to fall sports at BR for the 2019-2020 season.

Many of our team tryouts have already taken place and teams have been formed. Our strong athletes wake up extra early in the morning and stay late after school to make sure we’re at the top of our game. In football, the junior team recently had an incredible win, with a score of 21:0 after competing with CTK. Junior girls field hockey has also won their game last week 1:0 competing with Jean Vanier. These are just some of our wins so far- we’ve got so many more to come.

Currently, we have ultimate frisbee, girls basketball, boys football, girls field hockey, cross country, golf, and baseball teams at our school. Despite the junior teams still growing used to being on a high school team, they’re already looking like pros! The seniors are working hard with their teams to get those scholarships and win their last couple of games. If you don’t think these sports are for you, we’ve got a lot more coming. This winter we’ll start hockey, girls volleyball, boys basketball, curling, badminton, and BR’s gonna make waves with our swim team!

At BR, what makes us win our games is the teamwork and sportsmanship. All of our athletes work their hardest to achieve their best while also helping their teammates get there as well. They know that giving everyone a chance to play and succeed is even better than winning on their own. These teams know that the ultimate prize is winning and celebrating as a group.

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