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ZERO e project: The Future

By Zoha Ali

It’s no secret that out of the many wrong doings affecting the world this year, global warming will definitely fit that list. Most would even argue that it is the leading factor to the destruction of this world, as approximately 7 years are left to help prevent the damage done. What’s even worse to see, is that the major countries involved in helping undo the damage are now focussed on other matters, especially with the ongoing pandemic in our lives. Hence the question arises: are there any major influences helping reverse this catastrophe? 

The answer is yes, there are in fact companies who are making goals to help reverse the effects of air pollution; one of the companies being Airbus. This European aircraft manufacturer has officially disclosed ways into making 3 types of jets which only run with a hydrogen powered engine. They plan on replacing the usual kerosene based jet fuel with hydrogen power which will occur on the reaction of hydrogen and oxygen combustion, replacing carbon trails with H2O. This engine will be sustained within their 3 new models, the turboprop, turbofan and the blended-wing body, a line of aircrafts which will be referred to as the hydrogen hybrid aircrafts in their new ZERO e project. 

Although, any good scientist knows that controlling hydrogen is no easy feat, which is why the company said that many trials will be done before the actual prototype comes out, a reasonable explanation as to why 2035 is their goal for release. Many would then argue as to why the company shouldn’t go through much trouble into its creation, as carbon produced by aircrafts is only 2 percent of the carbon production by humans. Although it seems a small amount, the company states that with their rapid growth in their industry, the emissions will continue to rise. Thus a great place to start is by tackling their aircraft carbon emissions. 

With a company as big as Airbus bringing a change that will require lots of effort, it is safe to say that perhaps a ripple effect will be dealt out to other manufacturers, in the end providing us with a safer and sustainable future.

Site used: https://www.cbc.ca/radio/quirks/airbus-aims-to-produce-zero-emission-airliners-by-2035-1.5747774

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